Sheep Milk Cheese with Saffron. We’re obsessed with the presentation on this extraordinary dairy cheddar sheep milk cheese from Spain, tiny cubes of a Manchego-like infused with threads fine Karkom La Mancha saffron, and remedied for 4 to six months to fully build the flavours. La Mancha saffron is a sought after spruce the most valued worldwide. This delicious and colorful spice is injected in the raw sheep’s milk, the intensity of the saffron fully infusing the cheese using a attribute flavour and vivid coloration, yet the buttery consistency from the sheep’s whole milk still beautifully shining by way of, melting on the mouth.

This dairy products is shelf steady and packed in the adorable little bottle, previously cubed to the best very little morsels. Set it with Serrano ham, or chunky pieces of chorizo, on surface of some crusty a loaf of bread or hearty crackers.

 Sheep Milk Cheese with Saffron, 3.5 oz jar, fine Karkom La Mancha, delicious and colorful spice
Sheep Milk Cheese with Saffron

Sheep Milk Cheese with Saffron

Sheep Milk Cheese and Tempranillo Raisins Jar. Caprichos de la Pastora, approximately interpreted into, “the luxury from the shepherdess”, is really what La Antigua has selected to call this artistic display of modest pieces of dairy products in a cup bottle. It references that lengthy-anticipated snack food of hunks of cheese right after a very long day time herding the sheep, the right small take care of and incentives for hard work. This cheeses is a take care of in fact, a Manchego-like remedied cheese by having an greasy, buttery consistency, healed for 4-6 several weeks to fully produce the flavors, and adding wonderful Tempranillo raisins allows the ideal counterpoint of flavoring and consistency.

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The result is a fairly sweet, unique goody that’s full of fruity flavor, and the perfect match of course to your glass of Spanish wines! This cheddar cheese is rack stable and manufactured in the sweet small jar, currently cubed in to the ideal little morsels. It’s a fantastic piece to enhance a Spanish language present basket or hamper for Spain-loving foodie. Combine it with slices of Iberico ham and sweet preserves.

La Antigua Sheep Milk Spanish Cheese, Tempranillo Raisins Jar, 3.5 oz jar, wonderful Tempranillo raisins
Sheep Milk Cheese, Tempranillo Raisins Jar

Sheep Milk Cheese with Saffron La Mancha. This sheep milk products cheeses with La Mancha Saffron is original. It features a saffron scent with lighting, minor flavors plus a small sweetness minimize having a saffron taste. The strands of saffron play a role in the amazing hue of the cheese, and also a subtle bitter flavor.

Saffron cheddar cheese is matured between 4 and six months to make its perfectly balanced taste.. La Antigua makes sure that they normally use the ideal saffron readily available and adds Saffron DO Los angeles Mancha for their cheddar cheese, which bears the Denomination of Origin seal so that we can be sure from the top quality and credibility. It is good for incorporating into polenta or even a risotto, or serve as-is with some crackers or breads and a nice window of Rioja.

La Antigua Sheep Milk  La Mancha Cheese with Saffron, 8 oz cut portion, top quality and credibility
Sheep Milk Cheese with Saffron La Mancha