Hard cheddar Parmigiano Reggiano cheese . Acquire parmigiano reggiano, and forget processed food market parmesan cheeses genuine Parmigiano Reggiano is actually a complete story altogether. Classified as DOP cheddar cheese, Parmigiano’s strategies for creation are strictly managed with a consortium. Usually, Parmigiano is commonly used shaved over pastas and salads, or dipped into aged Aceto Balsamico. Free of moisture and challenging due to the extremely lengthy aging, Parmigiano has a granular texture that easily splits into slivers – irresistible to pop in to the mouth.

Emilia Parmigiano cheddar cheese Reggiano, 0.5 lbs portion
Emmilia Parmigiano Reggiano

Hard cheddar cheese, Parmigiano, Pecorino, Swiss Gruyere

Pecorino in Walnut Leaves. Also called Foglie di Noce, this traditional difficult sheep’s dairy cheeses from your place of Emilia Romagna is presented covered with walnut results in. The practice is many thousands of years outdated, began in an effort to shield the cheddar cheese in the caves throughout the ageing procedure, and is also now continued since it gives the cheddar cheese a fantastic nutty aroma and flavoring. The cheeses is like a classic pecorino, difficult but buttery, with the intensity of an old sheep’s dairy cheeses, and the added grassy taste and scent of your foliage. Offer in a cheddar cheese dish, sliver more than a new salad or grate over noodles and risotto.

Emilia Pecorino in Walnut Leaves (Foglie di Noce), 8 oz cut portion
Pecorino in Walnut Leaves

Pecorino Ginepro. A fresh sheep’s milk products cheddar cheese from Romagna, France. This classic pecorino cheeses is handled by washings of crushed juniper fruits and bathed in balsamic vinegar. It builds up a nicely well-balanced sweet-and-salty flavour along with a wonderful fruity tang.

Emilia Pecorino Ginepro, 8 oz cut portion
Pecorino Ginepro

Swiss Gruyere. The traditional “Swiss Dairy products”, Gruyere is manufactured in the cantons of Fribourg, Neufchatel and Vaud, in which the taste on this fantastically pungent cheeses is enhanced by protecting it in salt-soaked fabric. Gruyere is renowned because of its fairly sweet flavor with hint of nuttiness, along with a feel that is organization and flexible, and ideal for melting and barbecuing, particularly wonderful in fondues and amazing in French-Onion soups. Match it with a large, whole-bodied, wonderful red-colored Beaujolais.

Emmi Swiss Gruyere, 8 oz cut portion
Emmi Swiss Gruyere