Cow Milk Cheese Comte St. Antoine, Rouzaire Fougerus. Comte cheese is unique in its variety of tastes and aromas. This type of extended old Comte St. Antoine is company yet soft, having a buttery, greasy feel that kind of melts in the mouth area. It possesses a fruity taste, fairly sweet and tasty.

Marcel Petite Cheese Comte St. Antoine AOC, Cow Milk Aged 10-14 Months, 8 oz cut portion
Comte St. Antoine AOC

Cow Milk Cheese

Fougerus. Among the great gentle-ripened cheeses that this French are incredibly well-known for, Fougerus cheddar cheese is very similar in appearance and style to the beloved Brie. It’s made out of cow’s dairy sourced from local farms south of Paris and it has feature bloomy rind that blossoms across the circular, using a paste that’s soft, buttery plus a taste that’s well-balanced between sweetness and salt. Fougerous dairy products was developed in 1960 by master affineur Robert Rouzaire, in honor of any more mature, far more rare cheddar cheese named Chevru. The title Fougerus is an respect on the fern results in that decorate the top of the every round of cheeses, creating a distinct look and a herbaceous smell. Aged for roughly four weeks, this rich and creamy fromage will become runnier mainly because it warms up up, rendering it beautiful spread out on a warm baguette, but additionally an excellent option for the cheeses table, in which the fern simply leaves develop into a ornamental factor. Purchase French cheese on the web at Gourmet Food Store and offer it coupled with wine or white colored red wine it’s a fantastic sensory expertise.

Rouzaire Fougerus, 8.8 oz
Fougerus Cow Milk Cheese

Shropshire Blue Cheese. Most describe Shropshire being a cross between your light blue Stilton and the heavy and crumbly Cheshire cheese. The result, as you can speculate, is actually a packed and crumbly premium azure dairy products! A good beginner for cheddar cheese criteria, it came from in Inverness, Scotland, and is now actually manufactured in dairies in Nottinghamshire, Wonderful Britain. You’ll really like that it’s as sharp as a Stilton, but creamier. Pair with Port.

Thistle Hill Shropshire Blue Cheese, 8 oz cut portion
Shropshire Blue Cheese

Old Dutch Master Gouda. Aged Dutch Learn Gouda is indeed a take care of for Gouda connoisseurs and Gouda-newbies alike, made from the new dairy of Friesian cows and in a natural way ripened for superior dairy products eating practical experience. The two flavor as well as the consistency of Gouda transform considerably depending on its grow older. In cases like this, the cheese is aged for ten months, rendering it a comparatively aged Gouda, consequently the title “Old Dutch Master.” In this extended maturation cycle, tiny all-natural crystals come up – almost like salt – providing the cheeses a crunchy, crystalline mouthfeel and unique, nutty taste. It’s so delightful, the truth is, which it has earned several prizes. Adhering to the Dutch dairy products grading system, every wheel is coated in dark paraffin wax to denote its Additional-Fully developed reputation. Given that it features a very stunning taste, this cheeses is better loved next to refreshments and also other food items with contrasting flavours, such as on a cheeseboard. Otherwise, shave over noodles, pizzas or other meals. If you truly desire the traditional Dutch expertise, try to eat cubes of the items dipped in French mustard, along with a strong light dark beer or port vino! This cheddar cheese is created by Frico, a brandname of Noble FrieslandCampina. More than a hundred years, their knowledgeable cheesemongers have already been making in a natural way ripened and handcrafted cheeses made from the fresh milk products of Friesian cows. Having a concentration on premium ingredients, normal goodness and committed workmanship, they’ve amassed a large merchandise series enjoyed around the globe and awarded for its top quality.

Frico Old Dutch Master Gouda, 8 oz cut portion
Old Dutch Master Gouda